Accepted payment methods:

Online orders - Canada

- Credit card : Visa, MasterCard
- Paypal
- AccèsD (Caisses Populaires Desjardins) funds transfer (Québec, Ontario and Maritimes)
- Cheque or money order (order will be sent out when full payment is received)
- Reservation and payment at the store – merchandise will be held 10 days maximum.
- For international orders, we only accept payments via Paypal.

Loyalty Points

Art du scrapbooking offers a reward program based on the amount of your purchases. For every 10$ you spend (before taxes, online and in store), one point will be electronically allocated to your account*. After you have accumulated 20 points, you will get a 20$ rebate on your next order of 20$ or over, before taxes. You can only redeem your points after you have accumulated all 20.

This promotion cannot be combined with any other.

Exclusions (no reward points on the following items):

- Books & magazines
- Die cutting machines
- Grand Calibur embossing dies
- Items already on special or clearance items
- Copic Sketch markers and Various Ink refills
- Swaps
- Kimmieprout buttons
- Swarovski crystals in packs of 144 and 48
- Gift certificates
- Shipping and handling charges and taxes

Art du scrapbooking management reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. Reward points have no monetary value and can be exchanged for merchandise only.

Gift certificates

Art du scrapbooking gift certificates can be exchanged for merchandise or classes. These certificates are made to order according to the value required by the customer. Reward points cannot be used to purchase a gift certificate, but they will be accumulated when it is exchanged for merchandise. It is an ideal gift for the scrapbooker in your life who seems to have everything! No shipping fees.

Birthday Special

It’s your birthday? Blow out some candles…

… and come visit us. You will get 10% off your purchases AND you will get reward points too! That’s DOUBLE the savings!

To take advantage of this offer, you must provide valid photo identification. To benefit from this offer online, you must register your birth date during the registration process.

Valid in store and online on the specific day of your birthday, unless the store is closed that day, in which case it will be pushed to the following day.

Conditions of sale:

Our prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping charges, customs, handling or other applicable fees (ex.: customs broker). Prices can be modified without notice. The price you pay is the price that is confirmed online at the moment of the transaction.

Taxes :

All products are subject to tax in Canada, and all taxes are determined according to the laws and regulations in each destination province.

Québec : TPS 5% et TVQ 9.5%

Ontario, New-Brunswick, Newfoundland-and-Labrador : TVH 13%

British Columbia : TVH 12%

Nova Scotia : TVH 15%

Manitoba : TPS 5% et TVD 7%

Prince Edward Island : TPS 5% et TVP 10%

Saskatchewan : TPS 5% et TVP 5%

Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon : TPS 5%

United States : no tax
tional : no tax


Our sales interface is connected to our inventory and our shopping cart is designed to keep you informed of any backordered item.
The little hourglass beside a product indicates that this product is temporarily out of stock and that we will be receiving more shortly.

For any backordered item, we can :

- Send out your complete order after we have received the backordered item; or
- If the delay is too long, send you the backordered item separately. If you choose to split the order, you are required to pay the shipping fees for the second shipment, unless Art du scrapbooking confirms to you in writing that we accept the charges for said second shipment.
- It may happen that a paid item finds itself backordered:
- If the item can be restocked, you will be notified in writing and you will be offered the choice to wait for this item before we send your order; or
- If the backordered item takes too long to become available again or if it is discontinued, your invoice will be adjusted accordingly and the corresponding amount will be reimbursed using the same payment method you chose for the transaction OR you will receive a credit voucher in the specified amount.

Delivery :


All orders are shipped via Canada Post and almost all parcels are shipped via the Xpress Post service. Your order will be placed in your mailbox, unless it can’t fit, in which case a notice card will be left indicating at which time you may retrieve your order from the post office. No signature is required. The delivery will take place during the post office’s business hours. Your parcel is insured for up to 100$ and a tracking number will be assigned to it, allowing you to follow it from its point of origin.

United States and international:

All our parcels are shipped via Canada Post. The delivery and pick-up procedures are dependent upon the postal service in your country. Insurance coverage against loss or theft is offered for the first 100$ ($100 max. for small parcel).

Delivery lead time :

Depending on the payment method:

Credit card/Paypal/AccèsD Funds Transfer: the parcel is shipped within 1 to 4 days following receipt of the order.
Money order: the order will be prepared and held until full payment is received.
Personal cheque: the order will be prepared and held until funds are fully released by the financial institution.

Canada Post delivery lead time: 2 to 5 business days within Canada.

International delivery :

By air mail to the U.S., lead times are 4 to 10 business days. By land, expect 6 to 12 business days lead time.

By air mail to international destinations (other than the U.S.) delivery lead times are 6 to 10 business days. By land (or boat) lead times are 3 to 6 weeks and can be up to 8 weeks during the Holiday season.

If Art du scrapbooking is unable to respect the lead times explained above, you will be notified as soon as possible and you will be offered the possibility to cancel your order. Certain conditions apply.

Delivery charges :



order ($)


100$ and +

Minimum delivery charges

(before taxes)






*Certain conditions apply (see below)


Exclusions (the following items are not eligible for free shipping):

- Books & magazines
- Die cutting machines
- Grand Calibur embossing dies
- Items already on special or clearance items
- Copic Sketch markers and Various Ink refills
- Swaps
- Kimmieprout buttons
- Swarovski crystals in packs of 144 and 48
- Gift certificates
- Shipping and handling charges and taxes

*Conditions for free shipment: There will be no shipping charges on standard parcels not exceeding 36cm x 36cm x 6 cm and 4 kg. Additional charges are applicable if necessary for packages described and deemed non-standard by Canada Post. You will be notified via e-mail of such charges.

Exceptions (regions not eligible to free shipping):

Certain regions are not eligible for free shipping:
Canadian Far North (including all postal codes beginning with «X»).

If your order is eligible for free shipping but you reside in the Canadian Far North or your postal code begins with the letter «X», a credit equivalent to 8$ in store merchandise will be applied to your next order.


All our prices are in Canadian dollars. For conversion to EURO or other currency, please use an online converter. All you need to do is enter the total amount of your order and the conversion to the currency of your choice will be done instantly.

For all international orders, delivery charges are calculated according to the weight and/or dimensions of the parcel. A handling fee of $2 is applicable to any international order. This amount is non-refundable if the order is cancelled by the customer.

Delivery charges and the total amount of your order will be sent to the customer via e-mail after the parcel has been prepared, measured and weighed.

The customer must pay the total amount before the order can be shipped.


Delivery charges (United States and international)


By Air Mail


Parcel weight


250g – 500g

500g – 1kg

1kg – 1,5kg

1,5kg – 2kg


250g – 500g

500g – 1kg

1kg – 1,5kg

1,5kg – 2kg





See note*

See note*




See note*

See note*













*Note on shipping charges for parcels over 1 kg : the shipping charges are calculated according to the Canada Post Priority Worldwide – USA Shipping charges. Consult PDF here.

IMPORTANT: We cannot offer tracking for small parcels of 2 kg or less. Insurance on those parcels is not available either. Art du scrapbooking is not responsible for lost packages.


For international deliveries, please note that the customer is responsible for all applicable customs charges.

Exclusions (the following items are not eligible for free shipping):

- Books & magazines
- Die cutting machines
- Grand Calibur embossing dies
- Items already on special or clearance items
- Copic Sketch markers and Various Ink refills
- Swaps
- Kimmieprout buttons
- Swarovski crystals in packs of 144 and 48
- Gift certificates
- Shipping and handling charges and taxes


Returns and exchanges :

All sales are final. However, Art du scrapbooking will replace any merchandise damaged during delivery. The defective product will have to be returned. Before returning an item, you must contact Art du scrapbooking via e-mail at


The following items are verified in store prior to shipping, thus cannot be exchanged nor refunded:
- Punches
- Scissors and other cutting tools
- Liquid adhesives

Order correction or cancellations:

If you need to change or cancel your order, you must do so within 12 hours following confirmation.

Secure payment :

All transactions on this site are secure according to the latest standards. All operation data (order details, client identification, and credit card information) are encoded before they are transferred to our server.


To submit a complaint or a comment, you can contact us via e-mail to, by phone at (450) 961-2233, or through snail mail at Art du scrapbooking, a/s Chantal Désilets, 1687, chemin Gascon, Terrebonne (Québec) J6X 3Z6, Canada. We process complaints and respond to each of them within 15 days from date of receipt.

Personal information collection and protection of personal information:

Collection :

In order to constantly improve our website and our overall services, Art du scrapbooking collects the following data through its websites:

- Number of visits on our various pages
- Comments about our products, services, blog articles, etc.
- Client information during the online ordering process (first and last name, address, phone number, e-mail) – this information is used exclusively by Art du scrapbooking for the proper processing of your order.
- Information pertaining to specific complaints, if applicable.

User Consent :

No information is collected without the consent of the user.

An online order constitutes implied user consent. To retract his/her consent, the user must contact Chantal Désilets in writing at the coordinates indicated at the bottom of this page.

Communication of information to third party :

Under no circumstances will your personal information be communicated to any third party. Art du scrapbooking does not sell nor publish any client information collected through our site to any individual, group or company. All personal information provided to Art du scrapbooking is used exclusively by Art du scrapbooking for the purposes explained above.

Storing and viewing personal information :

The user file is stored on Art du scrapbooking’s encrypted computer server. Only a few selected members are authorized to view the information for proper order processing.

Client identification data (first and last name, address, phone number and e-mail) are stored indefinitely.

Date pertaining to payment method (credit card information) is stored in the client file only if so desired by the client. This information is secured, thus accessible only to the authorized store staff members.

CAUTION: e-mails are not considered as a secure means of transmission for credit card information. Art du scrapbooking waives all responsibility if, during e-mail transmission of such information, the data is intercepted, lost or stolen.

Information deletion:

At any time, client information can be deleted in a safe and secure manner, if the customer makes a formal request.

Cookies :

Cookies are tools that allow your system to keep track of products you have purchased in the webstore, for the duration of the transaction. Information contained in cookies is general in nature and accessible only to Art du scrapbooking staff. Cookies do not contain personal information (such as first and last name, address, phone number, etc.) unless the user has voluntarily provided them.

Modifications to policies:

The user will be advised of any change in the present personal information policies and the date of the changes will be indicated at the top of this page.

How to reach us:

Chantal Désilets
Art du scrapbooking
(Plaza 640)
226 Chemin des Anglais
Mascouche (Qc) J7L 3N9

Telephone : (450) 918-7858
Fax : (450) 918-7848
E-mail :

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